Microsoft Office 365 is Down Again: Users Across Europe Impacted.

Posted by Gary Fleming on Jan 24, 2019 12:05:10 PM
Gary Fleming
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The issues started at around 09:29 GMT and is affecting some users across Ireland, the UK and the rest of Europe. The Topsec Technical Support team have also started to notice that emails belonging to some of our customers who use Microsoft Office 365 were beginning to queue on our systems as they were temporarily undeliverable. These emails will queue on our systems for up to 5 days or until we can re-establish a connection with the delivery point (i.e. MO365), meaning none of our customers emails will be lost. This may not case for those who rely Microsoft Office 365 solely.

Mo365 Outage

Image: This Mornings Microsoft Office 365 Outage Map.

Microsoft is yet to officially make a public comment on the outage, however, several people have reported issues to Down Detector. 50% of those who reported issues said that issue was with server connection, while 25% had problems with Outlook, with a further 25% had problems with Exchange.

Many Office 365 users have also taken to LinkedIn and Twitter to vent their frustration at the outage as they can’t carry out their day to day business activities without access to email.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said: "We’re working to resolve difficulties some customers in Europe are experiencing when attempting to access Exchange Online. Admins can find status updates on the Admin Centre."


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