Topsec Blended Threats 


Topsec Blended Threats provides uncompromising security with no management overheads. Using real-time behavioural analysis and content inspection, we block any site serving suspicious or malicious code. The service doesn’t rely on signatures, so it is never out of date when it comes to catching and neutralizing new exploits. 

Benefits of Topsec Blended Threats
  • Leverage Topsec Email Security's dynamic and real-time code analysis with a multi-layered anti-malware engine to identify the behaviour and intent of code being served by a webpage.
  • No reliance on signatures to ensure protection against both known and previously unseen attacks, which account for 60% of the modern malware missed by anti-virus, firewall, IPS/IDS and reputation-based solutions.
  • URLs are rewritten and links are scanned whenever a user clicks on a link, even if that email has been subsequently forwarded. This ensures that the target website is scanned at the time of access so there is no window of opportunity for an attack to take place.
  • Websites are scanned upon realtime access to identify hidden malicious code or staged targeted attacks from untrusted links. 
  • Our notification system identifies and blocks potential threats and encourages safer computing habits while educating users on best practice advice for web browsing.
How it works?

1. Topsec Email Security receives the email for scanning and decides that a URL in the message body needs to be analysed. It rewrites the URL, prepending it with a unique customer reference and a link to Topsec Blended Threats.

2. When a user clicks on the link, the request is directed through Topsec Blended Threats for analysis.

3. Topsec Blended Threats analyses Web content associated with the link, subjecting it to numerous checks for behaviour and intent.

4. If the webpage is free from malicious code, it is served to the user. If not, then the user receives a block page indicating that he or she has been protected from a targeted attack.

Set up
Very easy set up and manage. Cloud based service so requires no hardware or software.

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BAM Contractors have been using the Topsec Email Security product from Topsec for a number of years and have found the product very effective in keeping spam, viruses and unwanted content out of the organisation thus ensuring a secure managed email environment. Equally important has been the consistent high level of support and prompt action we have received in response to any of our requests. We have also found them to be innovative in coming to market with new solutions and also in solving any challenges that we have brought to them. I would recommend them as a trusted partner to any organisation who is looking to secure their email

Tim McCarthy / BAM Contractors