Will red weather warnings become a more regular occurrence?

Posted by Gary Fleming on Mar 5, 2018 12:40:52 PM
Gary Fleming
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A red weather warning has only been issued on six occasions since the system was introduced in Ireland in 2013 – and only for rainstorms, never for snow until last week. The fact that there have been two red weather warnings in the past 4 months and only 4 in the previous 5 years is a worrying trend. With businesses closing for days at a time, they need to be more prepared for these adverse weather conditions.

Staff safety should be paramount; however business owners should give their staff the proper tools to be able to work from home when necessary. For example, when you give user’s access to Topsec Email Continuity, they can login and access their emails via a web browser. Allowing them to continue working at home as normal during these adverse weather condition, minimising the impact on the organisation's productivity.

Red weather alerts, floods and power outages happen, so to minimise your business risk, you need an independent continuity plan which ensures your organisation can still operate in such conditions. Topsec Email Continuity can also be utilised during general planned system maintenance or when you’re Exchange Server, Microsoft 365 or G-Suite has an outage,

If you are not utilising Topsec Email Continuity, please contact us and we can set up a free, no obligation Topsec Email Continuity trial.

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